Mrs Enid Williams

Mrs Enid Williams became the owner of The Mayfair over 40 years ago and from the start has stamped her own personal style and elegance on the business.

She is now retired but frequently pops in to the shop and demonstrates her continued flair and skill for selling clothes. Her keen eye keeps us on our toes and ensures that everything is still running to a high standard!

debraDebra Matthews

Daughter of Mrs Enid Williams. Debra joined the business 25 years ago following a comprehensive training and a nine year career with a leading clothing retailer. As well as overseeing the daily running of the business she also buys all the collections with her assistant Siân.


sianSiân Roberts

Siân is also a buyer and she has been at The Mayfair for 25 years. Mother to Laura, 2 horses and 2 dogs as well as working almost full-time. She is the tall brunette!


DSC_2698Wendy Ashton

The tall blonde! Wendy has also been with us for 25 years. Mum to Ros and glamorous Grandma to 10 year old Finlay.


DSC_2815Rebekah Shawcross

Rebekah joined us 13 years ago, Mum of three and Grandma of ten!


DSC_2602Janine Edge

Janine, Mum of two adult children, is now very much established as part of our team. She joined us in December 2012 and has settled in extremely well having had previous experience in retail clothing.


DSC_2700Liz Standring

Liz joined us 5 months ago and has settled in very well.  She has a great deal of experience in retail having worked in display and sales in various shops locally.


Helen Coddington

Helen, our welsh speaker, joined us last year and has become a valuable member of our team.  She has previous experience in banking, fashion and jewellery retail.